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OptiRythmix is a pioneer in native data capture for disease prevention and predictions.
By focusing on the optimization and use of artificial intelligence, analytic videos and our logical inference analysis algorithms, we offer a medical decision support system to prevent disease or risk of falling before the very first symptoms are felt by the person.
Health professionals will have multiple tools in one system to prevent or predict illnesses or risks of injury through continuous observations in the context of clinical monitoring in the patient life area, at home or in pharmacies.


Logarythmix is the first solution and the only computer intelligence known today that have the ability to analyze the risks of falling in real time and compare the movements and mobility of a person in a predictive model. Over all preventive, the system measures the differences in the state of the person recorded at each passage in a video-type capture zone and performs a real-time analysis of the data generated by the system’s analytical video.

People privacy

Non-intrusive system based on camera shots whose images are destroyed (every thirtieth of a second) to keep only the essential information extracted from the image.

Controlled environment

Allows continuous clinical monitoring whose inferred datas can be consulted at any time by the medical community, pharmacists, doctors and nurses, from a simple screen.

Easy and secured use

Ergonomic user interface. Quick tests. Datas processed and encrypted in the cloud.


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Ambulatory test

The patient performs a simple test of less than 15 seconds where he gets up from a chair, walks six meters at his usual pace and sits back down.

Analysis by the A.I.

The system captures the patient’s movement, analyzes it, and compares it for each step taken on previous moves.


The I.A. gives an assessment of the risks of falling in the coming months. An alert is given to health professionals if necessary.

Innovative approach !

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